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Common Issues with French Drains for the Home

Keeping your yard and your basement dry allows you to fully enjoy the creature comforts of your home. However, some houses may be located on properties that have ground water issues. The property may not allow water to drain to nearby water sources or to the street. Instead, water may pool across the ground as it collects and turns into runoff that can be directed back toward your home. In time, the water against your foundation can cause structural issues, mold and water penetration into the basement. A French drain is one method to deal with water drainage issues on a property. If your home is already equipped with one but you’re drainage issues, you may need French drain repair.

What is a French Drain?

This water drainage system helps to redirect surface and ground water away from a home. It can consist of a shallow trench on the property that is filled with stone and gravel as it redirects the water into street drains, ditches, low-lying areas or dry wells. An interior French drain can be placed into the basement of a home to prevent water penetration. A trench is placed into the floor of the basement to redirect the water through a perforated pipe and into an underground tank. A sump pump pushes the water out of the tank and to a street drain.

While a French drain can deal with water issues inside and outside of your home, issues can occur with several parts of this water drainage system. Understanding these common problems will allow you to get the right type of French drain repair.

Interior French Drain Issues

Problems with interior French drains often involve the sump pump not working at an efficient level. The sump pump may be constantly turning on and not pumping enough water up through the discharge line. The pump may be too small for the amount of water it has to deal with on a regular basis. The sump pump components may also become clogged with dirt or debris over time, as this impacts its operations. Additional issues may have to do with the sump pump float becoming clogged or check values becoming broken.

Outdoor French Drain Issues

If you have an outdoor water drainage system, then you may need French drain repair to the ditch itself that can become clogged by dirt. Clogs can also occur to filters that are placed at the beginning or end of drainage pipes.

A more serious problem involves the backflow of water into the French drain. If drainage pipes lead into a ditch or dry well that fills up with too much water, it backflows back through the pipes and begins to pool across the yard.

Getting the Right French Drain Repair

While French drains are designed to keep your home and property dry, they can experience certain problems that can negatively impact their functionality. Understanding the types if issues that commonly affect this drainage system will allow you to troubleshoot what the issue is so you can get the right repairs that will make your French drain operate optimally again.

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