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Choosing the Right Pleated Air Filter for Your Furnace

There are many options available when it comes to replacing pleated air filters for your furnace. The wide variety of options make it hard for homeowners to choose the right furnace filter. Well, there are some important factors to consider that can help you determine the needs for the right fit. The very first thing that comes into play is the size. The size of the filter is an important factor that ensures whether or not the replacement filter is ideal for the furnace. Now, in the category of pleated air filters, some subcategories vary in sizes. Pleated air filters that are bigger than the cabinet will naturally not fit; on the other hand, if the size is smaller, the filter will fall into the supply. This will obstruct the airflow, and the contaminants will not be removed properly.

Most pleated air filters come with the dimension printed on the outer frame. Therefore, whenever purchasing a filter for replacement, consider checking the size of the existing filter. If this is not possible or seems to be confusing, visit online HVAC stores on the Internet. The model number of the filter can also provide the actual size. In addition, the manual provided by the product tells the appropriate size to replace the pleated air filters.

MERV rated pleated air filters

MERV means minimum efficiency reporting value. It tells about the efficiency of a filter when it comes to removing contaminants from the indoor air. The higher the MERV rating, the greater the effect the filter is. Choosing the right MERV rating depends on household needs and your budget. If you want superior contaminant filtration, higher MERV rating is required. However, the user can cause obstructions in the airflow if the furnace is not compatible with the level of the filter. To determine the appropriate values of rating, it’s a wise choice to consult with professional contractors. These professionals can provide an informed judgment so that you can choose the right rating for filters and ensure an energy efficient home. The factors relating to the indoor environment may vary from one house to another. This means that even if a specific model matches with your neighbor, the rating of the same will not be similar to ensure the best performance.

The need for energy efficient homes

The concept of energy efficient homes is quite clear to most people; however, there are some who are still not aware. It’s quite simple; energy-efficient homes provide owners with financial savings, higher comfort levels, and better resale values. Moreover, such practices are also good for the environment. Therefore, along with helping yourself, you’re also helping your neighbors. There are various HVAC stores available on the online platform that provides exceptional services to ensure appropriate efficiency for your home. As the economy is struggling, giving a rational thought on energy efficient homes is a wise choice for every homeo

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