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Choosing the right plank width for your floors

Home sweet home is nothing but our journey of life, raked up dreams in the models of bricks and mortar. The home is the idea of belongingness expressing the need to come back and relax after a long hectic schedule. Thus home renovations can be a tough task at hand, for it needs to be lively, inspiring, and relaxing at the same time. Check out Karndean Da Vinci for some interesting plank designs.

Flooring is one such critical component of home renovations which needs to be handled with care. Choosing the right size planks can provide a great depth, ambience and add dimension to your abode. There exist no strict guidelines. However, you need to examine the existing decor, room size and personal preference to determine the right width of boards, which can be used in your new floor. Few tips to consider while choosing the right width plank.

Size and shape of your space

It is important to distinguish the dimensions of your rooms so that planks can adjust well in accordance with space and available room size. For instance, if you want to decorate the small rooms, using wider boards can give the impression of a larger space. It is seen that small rooms do well with an average width plank of 150-200mm. similarly; it is suggested to consider large planks for wider rooms with boards of 5 to 7 inches wide, which can adapt easier to scale.

The orientation of the planks

The patterns in which the planks have to be accustomed can make a wide room look narrower or make long, narrow room look wider- much of it depends on the orientation according to which the boards are supposed to be laid. Hence in this case considering the planks of equal or unequal size can help to lay down unique patterns and designs for your floorings. Choosing a typical, long, narrow stripboard, which is less than 3 inches of uniform color with a clear, glossy finish, can further accentuate a modern, contemporary feel of your home décor.

Material for wooden flooring

Experts say that hardwood-flooring styles enhance the elegant appeal of your floorings.  The appearance of the wood grain and how well it adjusts with your preferred decorative style has great implications for plank size. Studies show that wooden planks that are inundated with knotholes and have been hand scraped convey a more rustic, weathered appearance. There have been other options ranging from oak that is consistent but prominent grain, while Maple offers a more of a discrete grain. Growing interest for board widths of 4, 5 or even 7 inches wide has been witnessed which popularized the contemporary outlooks.

Just a few tips before you move ahead to design your own flooring is to choose the plank size that always adjusts to the proportion of your room with no fixed rule to stick to one plank size for the entire space and do not hesitate in taking risks. Within the world of interiors, it is all about the balance that you need. It is time to rebuild the old norms with new styles.

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