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Choosing Bay or Bow Windows

Here are some of the most basic things about bay and bow windows:

1. How to Recognize Them

Bay windows are any combination of three or more windows projecting outward from a room. There are a number of variations made out from the idea of bay windows. Take, for example, bow windows. These are a variation of bay windows made up of four or more window units joined at equal angles to form a curve.

So, what majorly distinguishes a bay window is that it extends out from the house and forms a bay.

2. Which to Choose Them

A bay window makes sense for your home for reasons such as the multiple views they offer. They are great also because having them means you maximize space and give your room a more open and spacious appearance.

The flow of light into the house also increases. That’s three fantastic benefits you get for choosing bay windows – space, light, and distinction.

3. When to Use Them

Bay and bow window units are actually useful in so many different architectural settings that the real question should actually be when not to use them!

Because they extend outward from the home, they tend to alter the basic configuration of a structural style, adding class, and ambiance; uniqueness and appeal to home’s appearance.

For people on the hunt for a little extra something in the look of their house, a bay window proffers a great solution. If you want to add to the living space of your house without increasing the footings and foundation size (so more for less) then a bay or bow window is the way to go.

If you have a great view of your house, whether it is of a lovely mountainside, lake, river, sunset, oasis, whatever it may be, a bay or bow window is a great way to capture that.

4. Where to Place Them

Bay and bow windows are great no doubt but placement, that is, the part of the house they’re used in, could diminish the tremendous aesthetic effect they usually have. For example, a bay or bow window in a bathroom is probably not the best placement.

Bay and bow windows are most suited for rooms where you are trying to create a greater feeling of spaciousness, or in rooms where lots of people will be spending significant amounts of time in. They are popular choices in living rooms and master bedrooms. Another great place for a bay or bow window, depending on the layout of the room, and how formal you intend it to be in the kitchen and dining room area of the house because modern families no longer just use the kitchen as the room for food preparation. Kitchens now also serve as makeshift rooms for family gatherings, homework, etc; which makes them a great choice for the placement of a bay/bow window.

5. What To Look For

To be sure that you’ll be getting the perfect benefits that bay and bow windows offer, be sure to always compare NFRC ratings. The better the NFRC ratings, the better the window.

So use these ratings to help you determine which bay window is going to be the best for your house. These ratings are important because they indicate the efficiency. When it comes to U-Factor, the lower the better, and the lower number also means the less you’ll spend heating and cooling. It’s an easy, accurate way to compare the energy efficiency of windows and patio doors.

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