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Choose your Locksmith Carefully

During emergency lockout situations be it for your home or car, people usually end up falling prey to the scammers. Though most of them gather information by searching online but beware these scammer locksmiths have made their presence all over the online directories. Some don’t have any physical contact address, so be careful in not trusting them. The best way to choose the right locksmith is by going through the user reviews and the ratings.

Points to consider

  • Always look for a local service provider – If you are concerned about the authenticity and skills of a locksmith, it is advised that you search by typing “Locksmith near me” for generating a list of some local trusted service providers. Call them and ask related questions and see how confident they are able to answer. When you call them also confirm their location and go for some nearby service provider. Also, check if they are using a local phone number.
  • Check their ID and license – Once the locksmith arrives, ask for their ID card and license. Proper licensing is a must in almost all states and territories in the US, without which it is considered a crime. Also, note if the locksmith arrives in an unmarked vehicle or a vehicle with a different business name.
  • Ask for a rough estimate – The locksmith’s fee normally includes charges for the licensing cost, tools, to and fro transportation and their continuous training. A fake service provider will generally quote a low price initially and then increase it later. You should gather an estimate yourself from the internet and compare accordingly. An extremely low price is a sign of a scam. Even if it is an emergency service always take this cost estimate and refrain from getting the work done by any locksmith who hesitates to give the estimate. Also, clarify with them if there are any additional charges applicable.
  • Monitor fluctuating estimates – If the locksmith gives you a certain estimate on the phone and quotes a higher price on visiting the site, don’t allow them to work.
  • Don’t allow the person to drill your lock – If you are locked out, and the locksmith insists on replacing or drilling the lock, don’t allow them. Only high-security locks need to be drilled for unlocking. A good locksmith should know the trick to unlock almost any door and not drill them.

Try Key Rescue

Are you in search of an expert and affordable locksmith services, then the search option of Locksmith near me will provide you an effective result? Key Rescue is one of the trusted service providers in Florida, US. This bonded, licensed and insured service provider has been into this business for 15 long years. When you need to replace your security systems, you should always trust the best who are experienced. As for Key Rescue, they not only provide you with fast service but a quality experience and lock too. Their technicians are available round the clock to take care of your emergencies. Their products and services are available at the most affordable prices.

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