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Check List for Blogger Who Travels For First Time Abroad

Blogging can be very fun and exciting hobby. This allows writing and sharing your experience with your readers. As for travel bloggers, it would be unusual if you will just write without experiencing what it is like to be a traveler in one country or place, but when you are doing it for the first time, you might get overwhelmed. Here is the checklist if you travel abroad for the first time!

First Time Traveler Checklist!

The list also applied not only to traveler blogger but also for ordinary individual who wants to explore places abroad but does not have much experience yet and doing it for the first time. Read and learn how to have a safe travel!

  1. Make sure that you already had a proper and necessary vaccination especially for states or country where your immune system could not manage. Double check if you had all the prescribed medication from your doctor if you had one and always travel with an insurance carrier.
  1. Never forget to make a duplicate or copy of your travel document in case you lost it somewhere. Have a stored back up file for these documents on your email so you can get a copy in case of emergency.
  1. Remember to check the currency conversion of your money to the country you want to go so you will not be surprised. Have a credit card on hand so when you run out of cash, you can pay your bill but always have a local cash in your wallet, some of the business establishment does not accept a credit card that you are using, you could not buy the items you desired. Before traveling, you also need to call your local bank so they can turn off the security measure which might give you trouble when you withdraw from ATM abroad.
  1. In buying your air ticket, check if the entrance and exit fees in the airport are already included in the price, otherwise, add some allowance in your budget. If you have to, book for rent furnished apartment in TsimShaTsui, Kowloon or the place designated for convenience.
  1. Do your assignment if you are booking online. Renting a furnished apartment in TsimShaTsui, Kowloon or on the city you stay may be challenging for the new traveler but with few efforts, you can get the best deal in town.
  1. Avoid additional expenses by downloading the apps you might need. There are many events in the city that might interest you such as festivals, sports events, or ceremonies and it would be great if you get help with apps for location and other details.
  1. Make sure you had in your backpack bags some snack and an extra clothes, in case you lost your luggage in the airport, you still have spare clothes before you finally reach the mall.

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