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Buying a condo? Know these things

Buying a condo may be one of the greatest investments of your life. As a result, whenever you are proceeding to purchase a condo, you need to analyse the current real estate market. Having an idea about the property of the market can eventually help you save a lot of money. While you may be driven out emotionally, there are several factors you will need to consider while purchasing a condo like experts. 

Some of the prominent ways to purchase a condo include the following


Location has always been a major consideration while purchasing a condo. You will always want to have a pleasant view out of your windows. Thus, before you set out to purchase a condo, you need to research about the location. You might as well consider the upcoming projects and future developments in the area. This will help you get properties in affordable rate. Also, you need to take into consideration, how far the basic amenities are. If you are not in the plan of owning a condo forever, you might as well analyse it all for resale. 

Proximity and quality of schools

The market value and price of the condo is entirely dependent on the quality and distance of schools close to it. If the condo has nearby good locations, people are more likely to buy it. Moreover, it can also contribute towards increased market rate. Being close to an efficient school can also help in enhancing the resale value. If your condo has a good neighborhood, the popularity of the space will eventually increase. 


Price has often been a great financial problem in the condos. Therefore, you need to analyze what is the final price and how much you need to pay as an advance. You should consult your mortgage advisor about how much you can afford. Apart from taking into consideration the price of the condo, you will also need to consider additional charges such as closing costs, lawyer fees, property taxes and more. You might as well need to take into consideration the occupancy fees. 

Condo fees

Monthly utility fees have an important role to play. You need to take into consideration the entire condo fees ranging from water, hydro and gas. You will also have to consider the maintenance charges, security charges and general repairs and cleaning as well. 

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