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Biggest Options for The Best Landscapes for You

The landscape architect conceives your garden: he draws the plans of the garden, but does not contribute to the works (earthworks, plantations) which must be realized.

The missions of the landscape architect

From conception to completion, the landscape architect accompanies you to ensure the smooth running of your project. He is responsible for the study of your land and takes care of the design of the garden according to your expectations and your budget.

Also called landscape designer, he is able to develop your green spaces, a landscaped garden or a city garden. His intervention is necessary because it brings a real added value to the work you want to achieve. The use of the Landscape Architecture this is important.

Real designer of garden, this professional offers very advantageous services:

  • A personalized garden adapted to your needs
  • An outdoor space in harmony with your home
  • Work respecting ecological standards
  • Optimizing the maintenance time of the garden and planting plants
  • A project adapted to your budget , without spending unnecessary

The landscape architect also offers effective solutions for terrace design to optimize your outdoor space. Thus, his skills are put to the test to get you the best services.

Blend between a tiled floor and wooden terrace in Saint-Ave in Morbihan

In addition, the landscape designer gives you practical advice, ideas and suggestions to provide you with a work in the rules of art. To do this, he will ask you a maximum of questions to identify your needs.

How does the landscape designer design your garden?

To design your garden, he must prepare three plans:

  • A first basic plan
  • A plan of creation
  • And finally a plan of plantation.

Step by step, your work will be done according to these different plans.

He will first study your space and will give you the different ways to develop your garden, respecting your expectations. He will then refer you to the choice of materials and plants and develop a quote for all the work to be done.

The landscape architect, a specialist in outdoor landscaping

Perhaps you have already heard the term “landscape architect”, but you never really knew what it meant. In fact, this one is quite simply a specialist of the outside landscaping.

A landscape architect is a person who has obtained a university degree, a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture. This training allows exploring the universe of the landscape, as much natural as constructed by the learning of construction technique, by the knowledge of the inert and vegetal materials, but also by the creation of new environment of innovating life respecting the environment which surrounds it.

A landscape architect can serve different things. He can work in an office to design residential, commercial, institutional project plans and specifications. He can create plans of different sizes, such as a layout plan for a backyard of a family home, as he can design the development of a public square or a children’s park.

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