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Better Taking Care of the Roof Now Assured

Once you know what types of ceilings there are, which one is installed in your house or which one you want to place, let’s see how each one is maintained.

Care for metal roof tiles

The regular maintenance of the metallic tiles will guarantee the correct functioning of these. We leave you with a short list of recommendations to extend its useful life.

Every four months, or after a storm, inspect the condition of the roof. Observe if a tile is missing and replace it. If there is a fault in the vertices, flashing or attic, immediately call a professional to avoid leaks.

Keep the roof free of leaves and water stagnations. This can be done more frequently in the rainy season or if you live in a wooded area.

Clean the drainage channels, because if they are covered the water will not be able to circulate which could cause the freezing of this between the tiles. You can trust the roofers in Wirral, Merseyside for these works now.

It is important to note that if you live near the coast, you may notice that your metal tile roof has black spots. These are algae that are growing in it. To avoid this inconvenience, the most sensible thing is to buy tiles that are resistant to algae.

Keep your wooden roof in good condition

Wood is the most delicate building material. It is susceptible to the intensity of the sun, humidity, and insects. To prevent these factors from damaging your wooden shingles, it will be necessary for each shingle to be cured before installation. Periodically maintain your roof.

It is recommended that after each season maintenance is done on wooden ceilings. But, if the climate of your locality is very changeable, the best thing is that whenever you consider it necessary, carry out an inspection on the state of the tiles. So that attack immediately reverses any damage.

For this operation to be successful, it must have expert carpenters in this type of reform. But, if you know something about joinery and know how to walk on the tiles, remember to have the following materials on hand: brushes, thick bristle brushes, spatula, sandpaper of different grains, special wood putty. And do not forget to protect yourself with gloves, glasses and a mask.

How to do it?

For regular maintenance, follow these steps.

  • Clean the ceiling with a brush, to remove dirt or debris that may have accumulated.
  • Sand the tiles in the direction of the wood lines. First use coarse sandpaper, then a thin one and once the surface is matched, remove the dust with a brush or brush.

Cleaning for gable roofs

Cleaning this type of roof is quite easy, even if it turns out to be exhausting. As we already know, these are very inclined, so that almost no garbage accumulates. However, because it is typical of regions where it snows frequently, it will be necessary that after each storm the snow that could have remained attached will be removed.

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