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Best Options for the Air Conditioner Purchase

It is usually when temperatures start to climb high, very high, that we say that installing an air conditioner at home could do us good. But, fixed or mobile air conditioner, the cost issue has cooled more than one. However, some air conditioners represent a number of benefits, including long-term savings, which must be taken into account before giving up.The experts help you to see more clearly.

Unlike simple ventilation, air conditioners, whether fixed or mobile, do not just stir a hot air on a small perimeter; they are able to cool the air inside a room, or even an interior, to renew it. And sometimes dehumidify it. And the reversible ones, can heat the same surface the winter to replace this electric radiator which consumes so much. Air conditioners have a mode of their own that distinguishes them from electrical appliances, refreshing or heating trade.  From LKBrothers you will find the best support.

The air conditioner makes it possible to reduce the ambient temperature of a room, a dwelling or a professional or commercial space. But its operation also allows it to filter the air simultaneouslyand dehumidify it.

The air conditioner is also often recommended by doctors to their patients suffering from allergies, asthma or more generally respiratory problems. This does not mean that   you have to ventilate your rooms regularly by opening the windows.

Reduction of temperature

The air isthus healthier and pleasant. The important thing is to keep a temperature that does not differ by more than 7 ° C with the outside temperature, since this may cause a heat shock and a cold. The ideal temperature is between 3 ° C and 5 ° C less than the outside.

Air filtration

The filtration of the air is done several times per hour, allowing a perfect filtration of dust, pollen and bacteria. It must be checked for this that the airconditioner you want to buy is equipped with a HEPA filter.


The humidity isa determinant factors of intensification of heat, hence the importance of this function. Air conditioners are more or less efficient, andtheir quality is determined by a high ratio in litters / hour, usually between 1 and 4 litters per hour.

Budget auxiliary heating in winter

To benefit from this function, your air conditioning must be reversible. It requires a power between 1,600 and 2,000 watts and is an additional heating economic, since you can achieve about 30% savings.

The different types of air conditioner

This device is characterized by its simplicity of installation andits compactness.

There are two models:

The mobile air conditioner:it moves from room to room on wheels, according to your needs.

The wall mounted air conditioner: installs in the wall or window and offers superior performance to the mobile air conditioner.


This type of air conditioner pumps the hot air into the room where it is located and rejects it via an exhaustduct to be out through a wall or window.

Split air conditioner

This air conditioner has several units: an outdoorunit thatallows the evacuation of hot air, and one or more indoor units. This device provides air conditioning throughout the house. He is much more efficient.  It is silent and therefore allows a more pleasant use.

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