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Best Material for Duvet Covers to Make your Comforter More Comfortable

 Comforters give you a pleasant sleep at night when you cuddle after taking a warm bath after a hectic day. Nothing is as comfortable as a bed when you’re most tired. Your mattress and blanket decide the kind of sleep you want. Thus, getting the best quality of mattress and comforter is also important. Often people try to save money by getting cheaper items irrespective of their quality. However, when you get an uncomfortable fabric for comforter you spoil your good night’s sleep.

Even if you buy the best fabric for duvets, your duvet cover comparatively has to be of good quality as well. Bed linen has to be comfortable which can regulate air. This way, you will not feel hot at night. Anti-allergic fabric is also good for sensitive skin. Thus, just style and pattern shouldn’t be considered while making a purchase. Duvet covers do decorate your room. Hence, every home owner wants to buy something exclusive that brightens their room.

Every individual has their own preferences. Some prefer bright and glossier look in their room, thus they buy bright colours with bold prints on it. While some prefer calm and soothing colours that soothes their eyes after a hectic day. Depending upon every choice, manufacturers deal with prints and patterns accordingly. Still no matter what pattern you select, fabric is the most important thing to be considered.

Here are some materials that should be considered while buying duvet covers –

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Bamboo


Cotton is considered to be the most common and comfortable fabric. It can absorb sweat and heat which makes it comfortable for a person to sleep whole night without feeling hot. The quality of cotton fabric is determined with its thread count and the kind of weaving that has been done on it. It is said that tight weaving with maximum thread count is durable. There are different kinds of cotton that is available in the market.

Percale cotton is light weight that has a thread count from 180-200. It is very durable and can be rewashed every week. The fabric remains intact for a year therefore you might not have to purchase another set for a longer time.

Egyptian, puma and Supima cotton have a thread count of 200 – 300. This makes them extremely cosy and soft. However, it is difficult to determine if the manufacturer is supplying you the original cotton type.

Third is the organic type of cotton which is natural therefore contains less chemicals and allergens. It is safe for sensitive skin. Since it doesn’t have any chemicals or synthetic mixed, it also works as anti-allergen.


Wool is perfect for winters when a person wants to stay warm and cosy. Although it is good for winters, but during summers it may be harmful because it retains heat and keeps body warm. You may get synthetic wool at cheaper price, but if you’re searching for real wool, then you need to open your pocket.


Silk fabric is considered a luxury for many. Those who love soft and silky touch while sleeping can go for this material. It not only provides a comfortable sleep, but also looks elegant and classy. Original silk will not be blended with synthetic which means it will not retain heat and moisture will evaporate fast. This means your night sleep isn’t hampered.


Bamboo covers are increasing in demand. They are easily available and are available at better cost compared to cotton covers. They not only retain warmth, but also the softness and pores on it makes it easier to breathe under it.

Even if your bed is bigger than the original size duvet, you still have an option of customizing the duvet cover by buying two pieces and then hemming them from the centre. Avoid buying duvet covers that are very glossy and low at price. They definitely have synthetic material mixed in it. Go for material that is washable and doesn’t need dry-cleaning every time. It is wise to avoid brocade, chenille and velvet fabric.




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