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Bedroom Makeover? Add that Personal Touch with a New Headboard

If your bedroom is looking more tired than grandma after a marathon, it’s definitely time for a makeover. The absolute best place to start is a headboard. There are many styles, materials and colours available today, it seems almost impossible that you will not find one that suits you! Here’s some things to consider when choosing your new ‘centre piece’.

Past & Present

In years passed headboards had a function, which was to reduce drafts and put some insulation between the person sleeping and the wall. Originally they were made of wood. This is because wood does not significantly absorb the cold of the wall. The thicker the wood the better, and the further away from the wall, the better. Why? Because cold air literally falls down the walls. The space therefore allows this cold air to fall onto the floor as opposed to on the bed. If you have drafts this still applies!

Add that Personal Touch

Today, in a modern world with insulation and central heating the prime function of headboards is to look good – Although they are excellent with regards to stopping your pillows falling off! A headboard is distinctive and usually one of the first things to catch the eye when entering the room. In this way it is a bit of a ‘centre piece’. Use this to show your individuality and really put your personality into the room. Choose this first and everything else can ‘evolve’ from there.


What really dictates the price is materials, how it is made and of course (as always) the brand. If you buy Armani you pay Armani! If you want a handmade wooden headboard it will certainly be more expensive than machine manufactured – As most would expect! However, shop around. There are some very stylish yet cheap headboards available in a myriad of colours and designs. What is most important is you get value for money and the price is ‘fair’.

Design V Comfort

Keep your feet on the floor (or your head on the headboard). If you spend time watching TV in bed comfort is important. Metal and wooden headboards are not ideal.  Padded and upholstered headboards are the most comfortable. Button headboards are the latest trend and available in a range of colours, patterns and materials. Nevertheless, metal headboards provide great urban chic, which is perfect for minimalist environments. Wood suits traditional styles and is practical for the cold. Leather buttoned headboards are very popular. The only drawback with leather is it can also feel a tad cold. However, this can be balanced out easily with a few extra pillows!

While headboards are a style statement for many people they also have a function – To provide insulation from the wall and provide comfort when watching TV or reading in bed. If you are going to use it more than look at it, darker colours are a better choice – they are great at disguising marks!

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