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Bed Bug and Rodent Removal

 Bed Bug Removal

When it comes to your home, bed bugs are never welcome visitors. The best plan to keep them from coming into your home is to prepare accordingly. One of the best ways to ensure your home doesn’t become a resting place for insects and rodents is to rely on a reputable pest control/exterminating service copmany like Green Home Pest Control in Phoenix https://greenhomepest.com/bed-bug-control.html .

While do-it-yourself methods may eliminate pests for a short period of time, they may not completely eradicate the issue long term. Many stores sell baits and traps, but nothing will truly curb the problem like getting assistance from a professional. A qualified pest control service can give you some ideas to help keep your home bed bug free in-between their services. When enlisting the services of an exterminator, make sure they work with you to combat your particular problem. If you have a mouse problem, spraying for cockroaches may not solve the problem, so make sure you find an expert in the field who can tackle any pest problem. You can also do some research on your particular area of the country. For instance, if you know your town has a mosquito problem, you will want to find ways to deter the little blood suckers from being bothersome, like eliminating standing water from around your home. Small tricks may not alleviate the problem altogether, but it may help to reduce the number of bugs. Bed bugs are a particular nuisance that feed on the sleeping flesh of unexpecting home owners. Once you get the bed bugs out, keep them out!

Other Bugs

Other bugs you may encounter, not surprisingly, are attracted to food, so cleaning up any messes you may have immediately will help to curtail the number of bugs you may find. Bugs also like moisture, and many need water to survive, like termites. Reducing any build-up of water around the foundation of your home and draining and cleaning items like ponds or birdbaths will help to rid of bugs. Inside, make sure you address any leaky pipes so as not to attract bugs to the moisture.

Even if your house is spotless, you may have bugs! Some bugs show up, regardless of how clean your home or your family may be. For instance, bed bugs hop onto clothing, luggage, sleeping bags, even furniture, so before introducing items that have been outside of your house to the inside of your house, you may want to inspect them first. Another way to deter bugs from entering your house is to make sure your screens are intact and attached to your windows, and weather-strip your doorframes. Seal holes and cracks around your home, and look for evidence of termites, like mud tubes, before your home gets infested. You should also have your home inspected for termites annually. If you are found to have termites, depending on the type and the severity of the matter, you may want to have your home fumigated. Not only should this rid you of the termite problem, but it will kill other pests as well. Fumigation does require you leave your home, and it generally used as an alternative option when others fail.

Once you have done your due diligence to keep bugs out of your home, let the professionals do their job. Have an experienced pest control technician maintain your home with regular service because even though you may think the bugs are gone, they can return at any time if they are not kept at bay. It’s important that you don’t just pick any exterminating service; there are certain questions you should before setting on a pest control service. First, you will want to know which chemicals they will be using for your particular problem. If your home is overrun with ants, can they use a pesticide to kill them that is not harmful to animals and children? Your pest control service should be providing the safest and most effective treatment for your home. A licensed exterminator will have access to a variety of chemicals; discuss the treatment before he sprays your home. Some companies even offer “green” options, using low-toxic solutions to combat your particular issue. If you rely on an exterminator to take care of your problem and the pest doesn’t go away, you should check the company’s policy on retreatment. Seeing one or two bugs may not constitute a retreatment but if the problem persists, you should call to have them return.

Hiring A Pest Control Company


While you may believe you can handle your pest problem yourself and that an exterminator will be too costly, the overall advantage of having a professional will outweigh the cost. Pest control technicians use the most up to date procedures; they know all the tricks you don’t know! Also, if they give you recommendations for removing wood piles from your home’s exterior, make sure you follow through. This will make their job easier and help you get rid of the pests. You’ll want to communicate well with your exterminator; he will need to be informed in any changes in the pest population that you notice so he can adjust his treatment accordingly. You will also want to ensure that the pest control company you settle on is fully licensed and that the technicians are properly trained. It is one thing to come and spray the perimeter of your home and be done; it is another entirely to know the specifics about the type of insect or pest you are facing and how to best deal with it. Finding a pest control company that will work with you, answer your questions and provide the best solutions to combating your bug or rodent problem is the ultimate goal. It may take some research, but once you have found a company that you can trust, you will see your pest problem slowly slip away. However, this does not mean you are finished with the exterminator! Maintenance is an extremely important part of the package; if you stop treating the bug issue, they will return, so make sure you continue a maintenance program, even if it means fewer visits or different treatment types.

Pest control is more than just killing bugs; it is about maintaining your peace of mind. No one wants to feel their home is infested with bugs or rodents; finding a reputable, caring pest control service can deliver that peace of mind.

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