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Babyproofing Your Rental – Here Is How

Babies bring joy and love into our lives, so it’s only natural we’d want to protect them. They are the most precious things we have in this world, even though they scream, cry and never let us sleep. So, since you need more space for your little baby, you’re probably looking for a rental apartment to move into and start your new family. This is great! However, you’ll need (and want) to provide the safest possible environment for your family’s newcomer. So, here are some tips on babyproofing your rental home. Protecting the youngest and the weakest member of your family is up to you, so make sure you know what you’re doing!

First things first

If you’re just choosing a rental, you could choose one which is already baby proofed. However, these don’t come often and they don’t come cheap. So, most likely you’ll need to do some home improvement to make the place livable and safe.

Don’t invest too much…

There’s no use in spending a lot of money on improving your rental if you don’t plan on staying there for a long time. In addition to this, you should talk to your landlord about what will happen to all the improvements you paid for once you decide to move out. If they decide to reimburse you, you’ll have a free reign. However, this is rarely the case. Usually, landlords say that all improvement stay with the apartment and most of the time, they have no intention of reimbursing anyone.

This is why you’ll need to be thrifty if you want to successfully babyproof your flat. If you’ve just moved to your rented home, you probably had to prepare a few cardboard boxes for packing day. You can use some of those materials to save money when you’re babyproofing your home.

Use other packing materials to help you with this:

  • Wraps – all sorts of protective wraps come in handy when you’re setting up your rental for you new baby.
  • Packing peanutsthe humble packing peanut is the swiss army knife of babyproofing your rental. They’re cheap, easy to find and have many application. Use them to cover the corners of your tables or the tips of sharp object the little one could reach. Just make sure your baby doesn’t eat them.
  • Cardboard – the last resort for babyproofing. Use it to cover up the edges of your furniture.
  • Duct tape – never try to do any home improvements without a duct tape.

…but don’t be cheap either

You should always avoid investing too much into a rental home. However, since this is about safety, you shouldn’t stint either. There are a few tips on how to childproof your apartment which require you to invest a bit of money. Don’t be afraid to do this. Remember, your child’s safety is at stake.

The main issues you’ll need to address when babyproofing your rental

Each child proofing is unique because each apartment is set up differently and every child is behaving in a unique way. Even though this is the case, there are some things you should take care of because they’re dangerous.


Cover up sockets and cords. Your child could try to insert something into an electrical socket and that wouldn’t end well. In addition to this, cords are the plague of the modern apartment. They just seem to be everywhere. You wouldn’t like your kid trying to chew one. Make sure they’re covered and protected.

Old bulbs are bad too. They can get hot and burn your kid or break and cause more serious consequences. Consider getting some LED lights, at least instead of regular bulbs which will be in your child’s reach.


Regular bulbs get heated and break easily. Think about investing in LED lights when babyproofing your rental.

TV and furniture

You’ll definitely want to bold these down or fix them to the walls. Your child might try to climb them and could pull the furniture piece or a TV down on itself. Falling of an armoire or a tv stand isn’t bad, unless the TV falls over you. Also, if you have some ceiling fans in your rental home, you’ll want to keep them off with the baby in the room.


When babyproofing your rental, get locks for all cabinets where you store chemicals, medication and other. These don’t have to be intricate or expensive locks. They just need to keep your baby out of the detergent cabinet.

Lock you cabinets well, so you child can’t reach what’s inside.


You should always accompany your baby to this room. It’s also important for you to be extra careful when in the bathroom with your baby. Ceramic tiles are hard and the bathroom is the room where most accidents in your home happen

Medication is usually kept in the bathroom as well. So don’t leave it out in the open. Your child might eat it by accident.


If your rented home has stairs, you’ll need to prevent your kid from tumbling down them and breaking something. You can get gates for the staircases which you can later take apart and bring with you to another home. This is a safety measure you can use once you buy your own home and another little crawler comes along.

If your home is flat and has no staircases, you’ll need to be very conscious of your flooring and your carpets. A young child can trip and fall and get badly hurt. Learn how you can make your floors safer for your child.


Spiral stairs are especially bad to have when you’re raising a small child.

Teach your kid

Finally, there’ll be much less need for babyproofing your rental if you teach your child to be careful. Education is a good way to prevent all disasters, so make sure you spend time with your child and teach him/her how to properly move around the home.



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