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All You Need to Know About Dekton

As the name suggests, Dekton sounds like a form of futuristic engineering; however, the Dekton worktops have their roots placed firmly in natural quartz.  The simplest means of thinking about this is that it is quartz with superpowers.  This manufacturing procedure involves an advanced form of technology known as sintered particle technology.  This procedure typically compacts the stone to a greater extent than would be possible in its natural setting; therefore, from the beginning at a natural point, we will arrive at a product that is more than likely indestructible.

Additional Possibilities

Worktops formed using Dekton materials can be personalised to fit any criteria.  The technologically enhanced materials are produced in larger slabs than naturally mined and cut stones, including marble or granite.  This is ideal for larger-sized kitchen islands!  Not only are the surfaces sleeker and thinner than natural stones; thereby, resulting in a modern appearance.  “The designs that would require a seam when using natural stone slabs will find full countertops can be installed without any seams being visible,” says the manager at a kitchen showroom, Zen Kuchen.  This flawless presentation is highly appealing.  Moreover, the product is easier to manage than natural stone based on the light weight of the stone.

Taking It Outside

The Dekton material is bonded using resin, then compressed to a greater degree as compared to naturally metamorphic procedures.  This ensures the benefit of making materials that are highly UV-resistant.  So, if you are searching for an attractive outdoor kitchen or barbeque area, then this stone is more than likely the best option.  The surfaces can sustain sub-zero weather with torrential rain emerging untarnished and ready to serve guests; no maintenance necessary.

Highly Durable

Dekton is considered such a strong material that you can utilise it as a chopping board to protect knives.  This surface can be prepared in either polished or matte finish, both of which contain the same compressed process providing the material’s strength.  For kitchens that have high-traffic and constant pressure from families, you will not need to dread any accidents that could arise in your family life.

Absolutely ‘Everything-Proof’

This production process of Dekton reduces the porosity of the stone; therefore, it is so compact that the surface does not have any absorbent qualities.  Based on this, the material is resistant to water, heat, chemicals and liquids that stain items.  When used in bathrooms, the Dekton material helps to maintain a hygienic appearance while still maintaining a calm atmosphere.  With reduced porosity, there is no water penetration; therefore, the need for an abrasive cleaner is reduced and the bathroom does not require as much cleaning as before.

No Need for Maintenance

When consumers are looking for a stone for worktop surfaces, we understand that durability is high on their list of priorities.  The naturally hardy granite and marble materials require sealing upon installation; therefore, the natural stones will benefit from a resealing procedure to restore any lost vibrancy.  When using Dekton stone, there is no need to seal upon installation or reseal after a period of use.

A Greater Choice

Similar to the quartz option, Dekton material is available in a plethora of grains and hues.  This material offers a similar uniformity as quartz with increased vibrancy and clarity in the long run.  Based on the fact that it is manufactured, you can be assured the extent of graining upon installation; therefore, the design remains consistent for larger and smaller spaces.  It is also easier to form cutting edge designs with slabs of contrasting tones in kitchens, on worktops, and along splashbacks.  The uniformity of the material’s appearance allows designers increased creativity.

The Overall Cost

Of course, any super stone comes with a specific price tag.  This is one that is comparable to other material options.  As a product with a single lifetime purchase that will retain attractiveness and functionality, the cost is worthwhile and a lifetime investment.

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