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Air Conditioner Repair – Avoid Ridiculously High Repair Bills

Although having an effective air conditioner during the hot summer months can be an immense relief, many people hesitate every time they have to turn their HVAC system on. It is true that an air conditioner can be expensive to run frequently, and it can lead to financial devastation from costly air conditioner repair bills, however there are certain things you can do that can reduce these costs. Making sure that your air conditioner runs more efficiently throughout the season is as simple as following a few steps.

Maintain The Maintenance

Check your warranty – having annual maintenance done on the unit could be a requirement in order to keep the warranty valid, rather than just a recommendation by the manufacturer. The warranty could be voided by the manufacturer if the air conditioner has failed due to lack of homeowner responsibility; for example, failing to change the filter or keep up the maintenance. In order to lower your utility bills and make sure that the air that is being delivered by the unit is pure, it is very important to have an annual inspection and tune-up in place.

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The Benefits Of Using Secondary Cooling Methods

Easing the strain on your air conditioner can help you to avoid costly repair bills. For example, on a relatively cool day, choose to open your windows or use a ceiling fan rather than turning on the air conditioning. These options will provide fresh air to the house (the open windows) as well as lowering your utility bills and preserving your A/C life.


Sealing air gaps and insulating your home eases stress on your unit, in the same way, secondary cooling methods do. The more frequent cycling that becomes necessary due to cooled air seeping out of the house leads to higher instances of air conditioner repair as well as higher utility bills. Seal up the gaps near doors and windows and make sure that your outside walls are adequately insulated.

Choose The Correct Size A/C

Take care to buy a unit that is the right size for the size of your house. Buying an air conditioner that is too big for the house means it will cycle too quickly, failing to process the air effectively and in turn causing warm air and humidity to infiltrate your home. A unit that is too small will constantly run, increasing your energy bills dramatically. You need to take into account your home’s square footage and choose the correct size unit (1 to 5 tons).

Protect Your Windows

A blind or window shade can help to prevent air conditioner repair by keeping the sun from heating the room even when there is nobody in the house. A combination of a programmable thermostat and window shades can help to lower utility bills while preventing AC repairs by http://woodstocknb.ca/.

Provide Shade For The Outside Part Of The Unit

Install the AC condensing unit in the shade of a building or trees or provide a protective covering for it. Naturally, you will need to leave space for the unit to breathe, but protect it from the sun beating down on the cooling components and causing unnecessary stress to the unit.

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