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5 Tips for Packing and Storing Clothes in a Self-Storage Unit

Clothes are one of those items that can threaten to overwhelm your home. When you run out of space in your closet, drawers, and cabinets for your old and new clothes, you will need to get additional ones. If your bedroom isn’t so big, you will have to place additional storage furniture or containers in other sections of your home.

In case you have kids and you don’t want to give away or donate any of their clothes (even the ones they have outgrown) for sentimental reasons, your need for additional storage space will multiply.

If you live in Dubai and your home is starting to look more like a clothes thrift shop, renting a self-storage unit is the best solution to free up space in your closet, wardrobe, bedroom, and your residence overall. By renting a unit from a storage company in Dubai, you will have a place where you can store all the clothes you can’t bear to part with for whatever reason.

And to ensure your clothes will remain in good condition and can be used again when the need arises, follow the tips below to properly pack and store them in a self-storage unit:

1.Rent an air-conditioned or climate-controlled storage unit

Before you start packing your clothes, look for the right self-storage unit to rent first.

A climate-controlled or air-conditioned storage unit is your best option. These units will protect your packed clothes from dust, pests, and other harmful elements.

Additionally, make sure the unit you choose is clean, dark, and dry. These conditions will give your garments the protection they require.

2.Wash and dry all clothes to be stored

Make sure all the garments you plan on storing in a storage unit are thoroughly clean. Wash them properly to remove surface stains and dirt since they can set into garments. When you store them dirty and blemished, and then the time for you to take them out from the storage unit comes, you will have a harder time removing the stains.

In addition, dirty clothes can also attract pests. If you want to protect your clothes from insects, wash and dry them properly before storing them.

Also, rinse all garments thoroughly to ensure that all the bleach, chemicals, and detergents are washed out. And to prevent your stored clothes from developing a musty smell, make sure they are completely dry before folding and packing them.

3.Place clothes you plan on taking out frequently in vacuum-sealed bags

By putting clothes in vacuum-sealed bags, you will protect them from pests, dirt, and dust. Additionally, you will be able to save space in your storage unit when using these bags and hanging them in wardrobe boxes with rails.

However, use vacuum bags for storing clothes that you will store for a short period only. These include seasonal clothes such as bulky winter jackets. This is because storing clothes long-term in vacuum-sealed bags can cause the fibers in the garments to compress and cause them to lose their shape and fit.

4.Pack clothes for long-term storage in airtight plastic containers

For clothes that you won’t be taking out or need frequently, put them in airtight plastic containers. These plastic containers will protect your garments from dust, dirt, dampness, mold and mildew.

Before packing your clothes in plastic containers, make sure you clean and dry these containers thoroughly as well. You can also line the plastic containers with clean cotton sheets to give your clothes additional protection from moisture.

5.Check your storage unit and clothes regularly

Make it a point to open the plastic containers and vacuum-sealed bags and check all the clothes whenever you have to get something from your storage unit. In case you don’t need to bring out anything, visit and inspect your clothes at least once a year.

By checking your stored clothes regularly, you will be able to detect any problems immediately. This will give you the opportunity to implement the right measures to prevent your clothes from getting ruined.

So, if you’re someone who just can’t seem to part with clothes accumulated through the years, following the tips above will help you maintain the good condition of your clothes in a storage unit. This way, you can keep them clean and damage-free. You will also ensure any garment is ready for use once it is taken out of the unit.


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