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5 Things You Should Know About Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are one of the most common tiling options that are used in households. Tiles are really important as they increase the aesthetic value of your house. Therefore, choosing the right tiles should be the first thing on your mind when building your house. Ceramic tiles are common, but there are various types of ceramic tiles as well. Therefore, before you choose a tile, here are five things that you should know about ceramic tiles:


  • They Are Cheap: Ceramic tiles are really cheap. They don’t cost as much as any of the other market alternatives. This is why many home owners prefer ceramic tiles. Even if you go for branded ceramic tiles like Carreaux Metro tiles, the overall price is still cheaper than any other tiling alternative. Even if you go for glazed ceramic tiles, you save on the initial installation price as well as maintenance charges later on.
  • They Are Lightweight: Ceramic is an extremely light material as it is porous in nature. Due to this reason, the installation, and maintenance of ceramic is pretty easy. Even if the tile needs to be replaced, it can easily be removed without disturbing the other tiles, and changed. This makes ceramic tiles the perfect option for middleclass households.
  • Ceramic Tiles Are Highly Durable: Even after being light, there are various blends of ceramic-based tiles that make it highly durable, and fit for places where foot traffic is high. These tiles can be used outdoors on pathways, and porches where people regularly walk around. You can expect next to no damage on these tiles as they are strong, and durable.
  • Ceramic Tiles Have a Lot of Design Options: Ceramic tiles can be blended, and molded into various designs. Due to this reason, they have countless applications. You can have a classic flooring or you can go for something fancy if that suits you. Ceramic tiles can be made into anything.
  • Only Glazed Ceramic Tiles Are Water Resistant: Not all ceramic tiles are water resistant. Ceramic is actually porous, and water fills into the material, and spoils it. Due to this reason, it has to be glazed before it can be used in kitchens, and bathrooms. If you need a water-resistant ceramic tile, be sure to go for a glazed one.


These things are absolutely essential to know if you are thinking of using ceramic tiles for your house.

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