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5 Striking décor themes to consider when decorating your living room

We always wish to decorate our home by adding modern elements to it. Decorating itself is an art. If you are looking for a new house sometimes it might be a frustrating task when it comes to the picking up of the décor you wish to have. Well, your living room is the first thing you see when you enter the house, and that one roomcreatesan impression of rest of the house. If you’re looking for some ideas to decorate your living room in a budget, then we have got you somethemes through which you can decorate your  living room in a most happening way.

Pondering over how to decorate your living room?

Well, make this task an easy one for you. Have a glimpse over these points, so that it will help you to take decisions wisely in the process of decorating your living room.

Here are some interior design ideas for living rooms:

  • Simple yetelegant

If you’re looking to create a serene ambience, just stick to the basics. Spotless white walls, wooden flooring and some light pastel coloured curtains will do the magic. A few indoor plants by the window ledge can add some life to your living room. A false ceiling with white or light yellow shade lights will highlight the few colours which you have used. You can add a teak wood coffee table to give your living room a classy look.

  • Furniture-

Furniturealways plays an integral part when it comes to the décor. You can use multipurpose furniture in order to save the space. Make use of bold colour sofa’s or different types of side tables and stools to make your living room look catchy and more compact one. You can even make some wall mount frames for some personal memories.

  • Be bold

Make your living room lively and funky with some bold colours or patterns on the walls. For example, the ombre effect will make your living room dramatic and you can try it. You can choose the method of colour blocking. Making use of more than one or two colours on a single wall will simply look fabulous. You can have a combination of Velvet sofas. When it comes to the decoration ideas for living room, fabric and colour choices go hand in hand.

  • Old is gold

This pocket friendly theme can give your living room a rustic appearance. Simple floor, wooden sofa with seating arrangement with a short coffee table will look great. Mixing items gives a unique and vibrant look. Vintage is making a comeback. You can make a showcase of retro things like record players or brass articles.

  • Natural elements redefine the beauty-

Making usage of materials which look beautiful and at the same time are long lasting makes your space looks more lavish and speaks of luxury also. Natural stones can be used as a piece of decoration in any part of your house.

Believe it or not, trends always play a vital role in any of the decorating process.So, try some of these trendiest themes for your living room and bring some life to your house.

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