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5 Steps to Clean the Outside Unit of Your HVAC

Feel the warm summer approaching?

Need your HVAC system to keep you cool in the approaching heat? 

Well, then it’s time to clean up the outside unit of your HVAC system. All you need to do is find a weekend, gear up in the proper attire and get the tools to help you in your cleaning mission. Begin with the following steps and get your AC working with full capacity in no time.

  • Prepare for All Parts of the Unit

An HVAC has an outside unit known as the condenser. It has a fan, a compressor, several tubes and cooling fins. You should have the tools to clean each one of these parts separately as each has its own function.

For instance, the fins spin to suck air using the fan. The same air is pumped back into the house by the compressor through an evaporator making use of a copper tube. The evaporator mainly performs the function of cooling down the warm air.

Another function that the evaporator has is that of dehumidifying the air it cools down which results in the drainage of condensation. There is also a floor drain connected with a pipe to support the condensation drainage. So when you prepare to clean up, take supplies to clean out the drain as well.

  • Switch Off the Power

Before you begin cleaning, turn off the power of your HVAC. Cleaning of the system requires opening up many parts of the unit and if the power is on, there is a great risk of electrocution. You must take care of the power before starting so there are no unpleasant experiences.

  • Clean up the Exterior Surface of the Unit

You may not realize it at first but you will notice that the exterior of your outside unit is a lot more dirty than the interior since all debris, dirt and leaves accumulate right on top of it. Take a vacuum cleaner and vacuum the exterior surface properly.

Once, all debris has been collected in the vacuum you can unscrew the grill over the fins to begin cleaning the interior.

  • Clean the Fins of the Unit

Use a water hose to clean the fins. Try not to use a sprayer, simply apply pressure at the mouth of the hose with your thumb to make sure the water pressure is good enough to wipe all the dirt off the fins. Also, avoid using a pressure shower for this purpose, because it may damage the fins. Once, enough water has been used, clean up the fins with a piece of cloth and dry it up nicely.

  • Close the Unit and Screw in the Fan Grill

Once you are done cleaning, you should place the grill back over the fan and screw it in carefully so it doesn’t fall off unexpectedly. Then before you pack up, clean the surroundings once more just so all the debris that you had cleared out moments before doesn’t reappear as soon as you’re done.

Cleaning up the equipment that keeps your surrounding temperature as per your needs may be a highly-recommended activity but it is also very tiring. You can call a AC repair professional cleaning crew to help you with expert cleaning. Affordable Air provides complete cleaning services for your HVAC unit.

Keep your HVAC up and running by maintaining it on a regular basis.

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