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5 Secrets a 24 Hour Residential Locksmith Won’t Tell You Unless You Ask

There are many secrets that 24 hour residential locksmith holds and they won’t tell you unless they trust you. The work of a 24 hour residential locksmith is to provide you access to your home whenever you lose your keys, get locked out or even when you want to change your locks. Or at least that’s what many people think. However, the work of a locksmith, especially a qualified 24 hour residential locksmith includes much more than dealing with locks. They can act as security advisers, install your security system and at time change even to the alarm system of your house. Here are some things that a 24 hour residential locksmith won’t tell you, but you should know

Deadbolt is best locks

If you don’t know, 24 hour residential locksmith knows more about locks than you may think. They know that installing a deadbolt lock is the first step to fight buglers. Deadbolts are more secure than other locks and a sure win.

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Avoid break-ins with a double cylinder lock

24 hour residential locksmith knows that a double cylinder lock is one of the best ways to avoid break-ins. A deadbolt lock won’t offer much security, especially when it is near the window. Thieves cold break the glass, stick their hand in and unlock the window. A double cylinder lock with a key inside in the perfect fit.

Think twice before buying a locked safe

At an auction, flea market or estate sale, a locked safe will probably cost you less than getting a new one. However, chances are you will find a mouse poop inside, meaning they are not locked at all if somebody had access to the safe.

Always have your new house locks re-keyed

Re-keying is vital, otherwise, you will find someone already has the master key to the house or the previous owner remained with an extra key. If they can’t be trusted, they will always gain access to your home.

Don’t feel sad about you have to call a 24 hour residential locksmith two or three times in one day

24 hour residential locksmiths re ready to help you whenever you need them. No matter how many times you call them for services, they will always be at your service. However, be ready to part with some cash every time they show up.

There are many things a house locksmith can offer you, so don’t be afraid to ask a question. 24 hour residential locksmiths can teach you about ways to outsmart burglars and what they think of your call several times a day. So don’t hesitate to take your chances.

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