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5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Bidet Toilet Combination

A simple toilet is boring. By merely adding a bidet toilet seat in your existing toilet, your bathroom will turn into a wonderland. Your toilet experience will never be the same again. Once you get a taste of the luxury that comes with a bidet toilet seat, you’ll never want to live without it.

Just replace your toilet seat with a bidet toilet seat to add convenience and functionality to your toilet. By doing so, you save more money compared to buying an all-in-one bidet toilet.

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably thinking of buying a bidet toilet seat and have that bidet toilet seat combination of your dreams. If you’re still unsure of buying, here are five reasons why you should have a bidet toilet combo to help you decide.

  1. Bidet seats aren’t that expensive

Most people think that bidet toilet seats are expensive. The truth is, it’s not as pricey as you think. Bidet toilet seats usually start at $249. With all the free shipping and great deals online, you can find yourself a great bargain lower than the minimum price of bidet toilet seats. Start saving now and give yourself the best reward ever with a bidet toilet seat.

  1. It pays for itself

Toilet papers are around $10 to $12. For one year’s supply, you can spend over $100 on toilet paper alone. With extra care, bidet toilet seats will last you more than ten years. When we do the math, a few packs of toilet paper’s price would almost be the same as that of purchasing a bidet toilet seat. You can save more with a bidet seat. You don’t have to spend much on toilet papers anymore. Plus you can buy other more important things with the money that you have saved from toilet papers.

  1. It helps with health problems

For persons who suffer from medical conditions, people with limited mobility due to injury or accident and seniors, bidet toilet seats help a lot. People with hemorrhoids no longer have to use rough toilet papers. With bidet toilets seats that provide warm water and an air dryer, you won’t have to suffer the pain of having hemorrhoids. Diarrhea, IBS, and colitis are other medical issues that bidet seats can help with.

  1. It is environmentally-friendly

Around 15 million trees are cut every year to supply the demand for toilet paper. With bidet toilet seats, the amount of toilet paper used around the world will significantly decrease.  A bidet also helps in saving water. Instead of showering which uses a lot of gallons of water, a quick yet thorough cleanup with a bidet may provide all that’s necessary.

  1. Bidet seats are warm

Sitting on a cold toilet seat is what most people hate during winter. A cold toilet seat can be an unpleasant and teeth-clenching experience. Bidet toilet seats bring comfort to your overall bathroom experience. With its adjustable seat temperature, sitting down on a toilet seat in winter will be a delight. Once you get a taste of this bidet feature, you won’t ever want a regular plain toilet seat.

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