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5 Lighting Tips That Will Help You Sell Your Home

There are many foolproof tips you can follow to sell your home fast at the price you are looking for. These include cleaning, decluttering, depersonalizing, and staging your home.

According to trusted estate agents from Bolton, there is another simple tip that can help you have a more impressive home to sell: lighting it up and making it brighter.

Proper lighting can draw a buyer’s attention to the positive attributes of your home. At the same time, it can help detract from any negative aspects.

If you want your home bright and well-lit anytime to impress potential buyers, follow these five tips:

  1. Check the level of the illumination in each room

First, go inside each room and open all the curtains and blinds. Next, turn on all the lights and look at the space. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer and think if you are happy with the natural and artificial light that the room is getting.

You can use a camera if it helps you take note of any areas that need attention. You should also remember that you may need to show your home at night, so repeat this exercise in the evening when there is less natural light.

  1. Add more fixtures as you see fit

In case you think some rooms are quite dark, you will have to get some additional lighting fixtures.

Here are some tips for doing this properly:

  • Put floor lamps in dark corners of the living room and bedrooms.

  • Place reading lamps on nightstands and end tables.

  • Install under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen.

  • Add vanity lighting in the bathrooms or sconces on both sides of the mirror.

  • Place accent lighting in areas where you want to highlight a room’s focal points such as the mantle, or built-in shelving.
  1. Update your light bulbs

If you are still using old-fashioned, energy-eating incandescent light bulbs, now is the time to change them. Replace them with LED lights which have more lumens than incandescent bulbs. This type of light uses less energy and generates less heat as well.

When buying bulbs, pay attention to their color temperature.

This feature has a major effect on buyer perception. Buyers want a house that makes them look good. To take advantage of this fact, home staging pros recommend using light pink light bulbs in the living room and bedrooms. The pale, rosy color will give the skin a healthy, beautiful glow.

  1. Deal with other issues that are causing rooms to look dark

Some décor and furnishings can also cause a room to appear dark. These include dark ceiling and wall colors, curtains and furniture, carpets, and rugs.

If you have the budget, consider having the rooms painted with a lighter color. You can also follow these additional tips to brighten the rooms:

  • Hang mirrors in rooms that only have one window. They will reflect available light and make the room look and feel larger and more open.

  • Use light-colored bedding, throw pillows, slipcovers, drapes, area rugs, and other room-appropriate accessories to brighten up space.

  • Place additional lighting fixtures that can wash across dark walls. The dispersed light will add to the ambient illumination and give the viewer the room’s true dimensions.

  • Trim or remove plants that are blocking the windows. These overgrown plants will block natural light from entering the rooms. If you have some time, you would do well to clean the windows, too.

  1. Improve your outdoor lighting

Lastly, many potential buyers may drive by at night to see your home. Don’t miss the chance to impress them immediately by improving your property’s curb appeal which includes lighting up your outdoor space.

Consider hanging a pair of dimmable wall sconces on either side of the front door for symmetry. Another option would be to install a single wall lantern to highlight the door itself.

Don’t forget to add path lighting as well. It is an excellent way to make your home look welcoming, and help decrease tripping hazards. If you have a garden or landscaped lawn, invest in some landscaping lights to showcase the beautiful features of your outdoor space.  

By putting some attention to illuminating your home, the outlook for selling your home faster, and at the desired price will certainly be brighter.


Sally Jones is a Director and Co-Founder of The Purple Property Shop, an award-winning estate agent serving Bolton, Bury and the surrounding areas of North West England. The Purple Property Shop was founded in 2010 and quickly grew to become one of Bolton’s leading estate agents, specialising in residential property sales, property lettings and management.

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