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5 custom patio door options

Do you want a fresh new look for your patio? Are you having trouble finding a beautiful new set of doors? Don’t despair: you can make the design in your head a reality! Sometimes having doors custom designed are a necessity with older homes. They may have oddly sized doorways, or their patio doors may be outdated. For newer homes, newly installed bi-fold patio doors can give your home a unique appearance. If you need to replace or select a new patio door, here are some design styles you should consider.

Sliding French Doors

Instead of the traditional French doors that swing open, you can have them custom designed to slide open instead. Sliding French doors are a great design option for patios with limited amounts of floor space. You can choose from a traditional multi-panelled look or a full-glass door that stays secure even with a strong gust of wind.

Bifold French Doors

Another way to incorporate the traditional French door design is to choose bespoke bifold French doors. They can be made from timber, aluminium, or a composite material to match the exterior of your home. You can choose any colour or finish that will complement your house and landscaping. Your home will look like a showcase from the inside out.

Pocket Glass Walls

Widen the doorway dramatically and have a glass wall designed with pocket doors that open up to your garden or onto a patio. This will allow you to have an indoor-outdoor space that is great for family gatherings or entertaining your friends. When the weather is nice, open the doors to allow a cool breeze to flow through your house and bring in the fragrant scent of the flowers you have in the garden.

Stacking Glass Walls

A stacking glass wall opens by sliding glass panels to one side of a wide doorway. This allows you to open the door only a few inches, or you can stack the glass panels completely to one side to create a wide-open space. Whether you have a garden or pool in the backyard, you can create an indoor-outdoor area by opening the wall when you’re entertaining. You can also slide the wall open just to let in a lovely breeze.

Swing-Out French Doors

If you want to stick with a more traditional door, you can choose to install swing-out French doors that still offer ample space. If there is furniture near the doorway, swing-out doors are an excellent option. No need to move the furniture! With doors that swing out, space isn’t an issue because they open out onto the patio or deck instead of to the inside of a room.

These custom-designed patio doors allow you to have a better view into your garden or pool area than traditional sliding glass doors. You can seamlessly unify your indoors and outdoor areas by installing a glass wall or bifold doors that fold open to the backyard.

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