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4 Things You Need to Do Before Hiring a Window Cleaning Service

Nothing is as pleasing and great as being able to see a crystal clear summer day through your window that is well-cleaned. You may need the help of an outsider to achieve that streak-free status.

If you are not completely sure whether to hire a professional window cleaner or do just take up the job yourself. You should consider these three things before you embark on the road to a DIY window cleaning.

  • Time: cleaning windows is always a time-consuming task, one of the major reasons you should consider hiring professionals to do the job for you is because of your precious time and also for the sake of efficiency.
  • Safety: are you sure you can, by yourself, clean those exterior, hard-to-reach windows. Do you even have the right equipment to get the job done?
  • Quality: why do it yourself when you won’t be able to do a good job. Some homeowners do their window cleaning themselves but often end up having streaks that remain there until next time they can clean the windows.

Once you have been able to make a decision to hire a professional window cleaner, below are four things you should do or ask before your window cleaners arrive.

#1: Clean your blinds

The dust from your dirty blinds can again set on your cleaned windows. So, if you are expecting a company to come clean the inside of your windows for you, you should dust and clean your blinds before their arrival. Also, you can as well ask them if they can add that to their service just like many renowned cleaning companies like Zachs Power Washing do.

#2: Ask them about odd jobs

Normally, window cleaners will have tall ladders to help them reach high outside windows and to access some hard-to-reach things inside. Whether it is changing lights bulbs out, dusting ceiling fans or washing entryway chandeliers, you should ask your window cleaners the amount they charge to do some of these odd jobs.

#3: Move fragile items

The truth is that accidents do happen, regardless of how careful and professional a company is. But if you have moved fragile items out of the way before they arrive, it will save them from getting damaged when cleaning is going on.

#4: Don’t forget the window screens

If you have your screens outside your windows, it means they will surely be very dirty and will require more thorough cleaning compared to when they are inside. When doing a thorough cleaning, you may need a cleaning solution but if it is just for a less thorough process which is good enough for inside screens, just a wet towel will do the job.


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