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4 Most Common Misconceptions About Bidet Toilet

Not everybody loves a toilet that sprays water and dries your bottom. A lot of people tend to rely on themselves rather than the abilities of the toilet that cleans you with water.

While there are a lot of things that need to be cleared for bidet toilet images. There are just so many what-ifs that make your regular consumer shrug a washroom bidet off.

We are here to debunk the four most popular misconceptions and give you more reason to convert to bidet toilet seats.

Bidets are a Mess

Bidets are jet-propelled water guns designed to wash off the poop from your bottom strategically. Some nay-sayers would debate that cleaning such a device would prove to be a thorn to their side. Some also think that a bidet wc combination toilet seat cannot cleanse one’s bottom correctly.

Well, we are happy to tell you that modern bidet seats have improved since then. Bringing you more accurate and squeaky clean results after every visit to the loo. A lot of the upcoming brands also come with features that can clean the entirety of the bidet on its own so that you don’t need to lift a finger.

Bidets are Expensive

While a small portion of that is correct, bidet toilet seats have an extensive price range. From a simple hose which you can manually use to clean yourself, to a bidet toilet seat that even dries your behind. You will surely find a bidet toilet seat that fits the budget, no problem.

Toilet Papers are Better

There are still people around the world who think toilet papers are better since you can be sure that its clean on your own. While some people think about this all the time, some would also prefer toilet papers under personal preferences.

However, the bidet toilet seats have more features and provide a luxury you never knew you needed. Bidets also are more cost efficient since they only require a small burst of water to clean you up properly. Bidets are eco-friendlier since they use small amounts of water compared to tissues and toilet paper which cost money and trees.

Bidets are just for Women

‘Men use toilet papers because they are men.’ While a man wallows and holds his poop stained toilet paper, the woman who bought the bidet is already enjoying the luxury of not being able to think about it at all.

While some features of bidets are specifically for women, like another powered jet hose dedicated for the female sensitive parts, men should not complain. There are also beneficial features that you could enjoy with a bidet.

Bidets are great for people with hemorrhoids, and they are also for old people. With a push of a button, they no longer have to perform the gut-wrenching procedure of wiping with a toilet paper saving them from strenuous and often painful activity.

While it is true that we rely on toilet paper most of the time, it is no doubt that bidets are going to change that, so you need to set aside your speculations and give bidet toilet seats a try, we are positive you will not be disappointed.

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