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4 Lock Systems That Work Great For Your Home And Office

There is a reason why commercial locks differ from regular locks that are mostly used for houses. For starters, commercial locks offer more durability considering the amount of foot traffic that it deals with every single day.

On the other hand, residential locks require just the right amount of strength but still be easy enough to use. And while most people prefer to handle this situation traditionally, others are joining the bandwagon of switching to modern locks that are usually used for commercial buildings. If you want to mix and match, you can still get traditional home locks at https://www.locksmithsydney.com.au/residential-locksmith/ and add other modern systems into the place. Doing so is fun and can increase the security of your home and office at the same time.

If you are curious to know what lock systems work great for both purposes, here are four locks that work great for residential and commercial buildings.

  1. Exit Control Lock

Almost all commercial buildings have back doors, and some homes have ones too. In a residential area, this can be mainly used for easier access to the backyard especially if you have a garden there. However, there are specific regulations when using a lock such as this one, so you might want to consider talking to professional locksmith first before you buy a unit.

Still, exit control locks are a great addition whether at home or your business. It’s battery operated, easy to install, and is resistant to corrosion and attacks thanks to its aluminum cast housing.

  1. Alarm Rim Lock

If you want the simplest lock installation, look no further than the alarm rim. Most alarm rim locks are water and weatherproof so you can use it on entrance or exit doors in a commercial setting, or your main gate doors at home. They also exceed the safety code requirements, making it an all-around lock system. Typically, this type of lock is encased in a tamper-resistant housing to protect its batteries, internal hardware, and electronics. It features visual and audio alarms that can measure up to a hundred decibels. If you happen to encounter any problems, visit https://www.locksmithsydney.com.au/office-lock-replacement/ for a maintenance check or replacement.

  1. Card Readers

You can often find card readers in various commercial settings such as hotels. They offer a convenient way to access a room through a swiping or tapping motion. Card readers are also popular thanks to its upscale and sleek design. If your house or building has a modern theme, this type of lock system willwork best. Aside from its external attributes, card readers can also come with an LED light or an alarm to indicate the access.

  1. Fingerprint Locks

If you live a modern lifestyle and cannot be bothered with keys or cards to access different areas of your home or office, your best option is to install a fingerprint lock system. This modern lock uses a biometric technology which senses the fingerprints of whoever is trying to enter and tries to match it with a specific database of the only fingerprints that are allowed to access the room. A standard fingerprint system can store up to a hundred prints and can be easily installed.

Final Word

No matter where you decide to use these locks, you can be sure that your home or office will be safe and sound always. Remember to consult a professional locksmith first before installing your new lock system.

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