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4 Common Problems With Garage Doors And Their Solutions

If you are also having problems with your garage door, I can tell you that you are not alone. Anyway, below are some of the common garage problems. This will help identify the source of the problem and you may either correct it yourself or contact a garage door specialist like Premium Garage Doors to assist with the necessary repairs.

#1: If the Door Of The Garage Opens Or Closes With A Thud

  • This may mean that the torsion spring is broken. This spring in a 9×7-foot garage door is found above the garage door and also serves as a counterweight. If your garage has an extension spring system, where the springs are also sited above the horizontal rails, it may also mean that one out of the two springs may have been broken.
  • Another possible cause could be that among the lifting cables, one is broken or it is about to be broken.


  • Carrying out a visual check on the door.
  • If you find out that a spring is broken, you would need to call a garage door technician immediately while you stop using the garage door.

#2: The Garage Door Is Coming Off Its Hinges

  • A possible cause of this is that one of the horizontal tracks is going out of its alignment, and the metal bracket located at the track’s end is also loosening out or the bolts which is meant to hold the brackets in place is becoming unscrewed.


  • If you notice that the garage door has fallen to the ground, then you don’t need to do anything. An expert on garage door needs to be called immediately!
  • If you notice that the rollers of the garage door are still on track, then you will need to gently close the door and tighten the bolts that hold the bracket in position. You would also need to ensure that the distance between horizontal tracks is the same as that of the vertical tracks as well and also ensuring that they are all parallel.

#3: If the Door Opens Sometimes and Sometimes It Doesn’t…

If this occurs, there are two likely causes:

  • One of the possible causes is that the battery within the remote is dying.
  • Another possibility is that you may have an opener to your door which operates at a similar frequency to that of your neighbors who also have the same device and uses the same transmission code. This is common (although highly unlikely) with opener manufactured before 1993.


  • In this case, the batteries in the remote need to be changed and if you have an exterior keypad, u may also need to change the battery as well.

#4: When the Door Is Closing, It Goes Down A Little and Then Goes Back Up Suddenly

  • In most cases, there is a problem of the unit’s misalignment if you are using an automatic photoelectric backup system equipped with sensor units that are being placed on each side of the door which also is approximately 5-6 inches from the floor.


  • If the invisible beam of light which travels across the door frame is eventually cut off, the door interprets it as something is in its way. Hence, you will need to align one of the sensor units with the other one and then examine the control panel which is installed close to the door. Then observe that the indicator light has stopped blinking.

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