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4 Common Pitfalls to Avoid While Choosing Furnished Apartments for Rent

If you have decided to rent a furnished apartment, it can be a pleasant or a bad experience. It basically depends upon how good your landlord is and how intelligently you have done the groundwork.

People often go for furnished apartments if they have to stay for short terms and they don’t want to invest in furniture. It is also a headache to tug all that furniture along. However, you need to be aware of few pitfalls while renting out a furnished apartment to have a pleasant experience.

  • Not Clarifying What All Is Included in “Furnished”

The word “furnished” is ambiguous. It might include only basics like a bed, table and chairs, wardrobes or might include TV, AC etc. It is also possible that furnished apartment includes all necessities required to make your stay pleasant and comfortable even down to the decorations. So, you need to confirm what all is included when they say furnished.

  1. Not Checking If the Rent Includes the Furniture

Now that you have decided to rent the apartment in an ideal location like Cjour apartments in Montreal, the very first question that you should clarify is “Does the quoted rent include the furnishings?” Some people or agencies quote the price of the basic flat and then all furniture and furnishings are extra.

  • Not Asking for a List of Included Furnishings and Accessories

Having a list of included furnishings and accessories help in two ways. Firstly, you know if you need to buy anything from your end and secondly, it helps in averting any confusion when you leave the apartment. The landlord can match the inventory and there’s no confusion on what to take or leave behind.

  • Not Taking Pictures of All the Stuff

When you move in, take pictures of all the stuff that you are renting. You should then use it to document the state of the property, furniture and furnishings at move-in time. It is always recommended to include this checklist in the lease, signed and dated. Try to keep all your correspondence in writing like if any major repair is required and the landlord has promised to get it done. This helps in avoiding any confusion later.

These are the few things that need to be kept in mind before renting a furnished apartment. It will help you in having complete peace of mind and a lovely and pleasant stay.

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