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3 Ways to Optimally Utilize Your Attic Space

If you are lucky to have an attic in your house, you should also be wise enough to make use of this space in the best possible way. A lot of people do tend to enjoy the extra area which comes with the attic but are never able to put it to great use. Either the area becomes their dump space or a vacant room serving as home for the house rats.

There are plenty of practical ideas but the way you utilize your attic is highly dependent upon your individual needs. Nonetheless, we present you the top 3 ways in which your attic can serve as a very useful room in the house.

Walk-In Closet

Where do you store all those heaps of clothes when you don’t have a walk-in closet in your house? It is very hard to manage all your items, especially if you are living up North since your closet would be loaded with coats and boots. Your attic can serve as a very nice walk-in closet and give you ample space to store all your belongings.

You can add knee walls and built a few shelves so that the organization of stuff doesn’t become an issue. Make sure that there are plenty of lights so that your walk-in closet can also serve as a dressing room. You can even think of adding a window to let some fresh air enter into the room.


Remote jobs and freelancing are becoming very common with almost 50% of the millennials in the United States working as freelancers. While it is a promising way to earn money, there are a few issues with it. Lack of having a proper workspace might make you lethargic at times and affect your productivity.

The best way out is to form an office right within your house and what place could be better than your attic? By adding some great paint and insulation, you can make this area perfect for working. The peaked ceilings and the gorgeous attic windows offering a view can actually make this room your favorite in the entire house.

Movie Theater

In areas like Buford, homes for sale usually come with a very spacious attic. This wide area can easily serve as your weekend entertainment as you plan out a movie night with your family. With a few comfortable recliners and a large screen, you’ll be good to enjoy a movie right at your place.

You can make the area a bit colorful by adding photographs and paint. All you need to have is the right idea and this so-called boring place in your house can be transformed into something good.

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