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3 Most Common Methods Of Underpinning

The foundation of your house is the base on which it stands. So any problems with the base or foundation can bring about serious problems like cracks on the walls and gaping fissures on the soil underneath your house.

These can bring in alarming results such as breaking of the house structure and even cracks on the floors. Problems related to the foundation therefore needs to be treated promptly and effectively. The best method to solve all foundation related problems is by underpinning.

What is underpinning?

When the foundation cannot support the structure of your house any further, you need to boost its strength. Underpinning provides the necessary strength to the foundation by offering vertical support to the entire structure of your home.

Types of underpinning

Let us take a look at the 3 most common methods of underpinning processes.

  1. Using concrete piers

Concrete piers are cylindrically shaped sections of concrete which are pushed underneath the foundation using hydraulic methods. Several concrete piers are used in stacks and pressed into the soil underneath your house. This ensures vertical stability, and in order to provide lateral strength, every section of concrete is attached to the other using cable wires. The gaps that may remain between the concrete piers and foundation are filled in with metal sheets.

  1. Using steel piers

In this method, steel piers or push piers are rammed into the soil using hydraulic forces. These are basically interlocked sections of steel pipes which are secured with the help of cables. The steel piers are pushed forcibly into the soil underneath until the desired depth is reached.

  1. Using drilled piers

Drilled piers are manufactured using reinforced concrete. These are placed into a drilled hole on the ground and then concrete is poured into the hole and left to dry up. Once dry, it offers solid strength both vertically and laterally.

These are the most commonly employed techniques of underpinning. Depending on the nature and intensity of the foundation problem, the appropriate method is used.

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