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2 Ways to Make the Most of Your Home Remodel

If you have been planning on a home makeover or already have been rowed that boat, the first question everyone has on their minds is, where to begin? There is more to what meets the eye when it comes to home makeover, when you think of painting or upgrading the appliances. You may also need to factor how the home makeover may impact the value of the property. So, in order to make the most of the journey, here are the ways you can implement.

  • Fix the unaddressed issues

Repairs may not be your favorite task, but know that when it comes to home renovation, you need to do major maintenance work. For kitchen, you may need to address the standing water issue in the basement. Buyers look after every aspect when they seek a new home, and know that when you don’t address such issues, it may impact your property value too. It is more like an investment for them, hence fix what is broken and then you are sorted. Ensure that the following areas are functional in your home:

      1. Roof heating
      2. Ventilation
      3. HVAC
      4. Plumbing
      5. Electrical
      6. Foundation 
  • Enhance the curb appeal
  • Porch / patio

More than half of the prospective home buyers look for the outdoor living spaces to deem the property attractive, when they are looking for a new home. If your home doesn’t have a patio, porch, or deck, you can add one to let the resident enjoy the views outside. When it comes to choosing the material for the same, you can go for céramique murale because it is water, fire, frost and slip resistant. Ceramic tiles are great because they ensure attractiveness and durability at the same time.

  • Exterior improvements

This helps in getting excellent ROI. You can make the improvements by replacing the old sliding or the porch, steps or walkway. You can also get rid of the old awnings from the doors and windows or replace the worn railings. Consider repainting the house and front door as well. 

  • Landscaping

If you haven’t work on anything with your front yard, then it may be a tad bit of a challenge for you to work on. To tackle this, you can hire a professional to gain some design advice and a lot more. You can also begin by trimming the overgrown trees and when planting, consider planting trees of various colors, textures and height. 

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